Steve Topliss - Master Brewer

During Steve’s 50 year involvement in the Brewing Industry, he has held senior positions in Allied Breweries, Courage, Carlsberg- Tetley, Bass, Guinness Ireland Group and Guinness UK. He attained his International Master Brewing Qualification in 1988. More recently, Steve has been involved with setting up micro-brewing operations, including his present post as head brewer at the family business, the Roebuck Brewery at Draycott In the Clay, Derbyshire.

Detailed Account

Started at Ind Coope Burton Brewery as students temporary in the Engineering Department, Keg Racking Plant and Ale Stores. Moved to Experimental Brewing Plant as technician then progressed through the following positions; Brewing and Fermenting Shift Supervisor, Shift Brewing, Conditioning and Filtration Manager, Bottling and Canning Planning and Administration Manager Brewing and by-products Manager.

Attained International Master Brewing Qualification. Joined Courage Brewing at Reading as Site Process Project Manager.

Moved to Allied Breweries, Romford Brewery as Brewing Manager. Seconded in Brewery Production Director’s role.


Joined Tetley-Walker, Warrington as Kegging and Cask Racking Manager. Later appointed Head Brewer and site and trade Quality Assauance Manager. Also led ISO 9001 implementation team to successful accreditation. Returned to Burton Brewery (now Carlsberg-Tetley) as Head Brewer.

Burton Brewery bought by neighbours Bass and served in the integration team. Now Head Brewer, Bass Burton (North).


Joined Guinness Ireland Group as Harp Lager Brewing Site Operations Manager in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Led Process Project Team for the transfer of Guinness UK kegging operations to Runcorn, following the announced closure of the Guinness Park Royal Brewery in London.

Free-lance Consultancy: Seconded to role of Site Production Director at Hardy and Hanson’s Brewery in Kimberley up to the point of the Greene-King acquisition. Negotiated changes to the Guinness Dublin transport and logistics operations.


Commissioned local micro-brewery operation and trained successor.

2017 - present
Started The Roebuck Brewery Company operation at Draycott In the Clay as part of the family business.